Dreams Do Come True

Updates and answers to questions put forward by guests will be posted here.  For example:

Q:  Have you guys registered anywhere?

A:  No.  Your presence is all we request but if you decide to get us a gift, you can use your own discretion or put a few dollars in a card which will be put towards our honeymoon in Cap-Pele, NB 

Q:  Are you serving a meal?

A:  Because we are unable to afford to feed the best man, Trevor Monaghan, we felt it would be unfair to feed anyone else.  Therefore, we will be serving light appetizers after the ceremony.  

Q:  Are those real pecs Marcel or are they implants?

A:  Lots of push-ups.

Q:  How did you convince Tracy to Marry you and does she have an out clause?

A:  We are asking Judge Jeff Lantz to stay for the reception in case Tracy has second thoughts during the night and needs an annulment :)  .....Not realy 

​Q:  Why wasn't I picked as Best Man?  I am the best man of everything.

A:  Trevor Monaghan and I have been good friends and neighbor for over 1/2 a decade and he let me use his tractor lawn mower many times.  Hence, he became my best man.

​DISCLAIMER:  Tracy did not endorse any of my comedic attempts above.